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The Torino is Australia’s first triple-thermoblock espresso machine. Only heating the water required, two of the thermoblocks ensure temperature stability, while the third is devoted to producing powerful steam for frothing milk.

You can choose to brew one or two shots using one-touch buttons, but you can also use the manual extraction arm with shot clock to experiment with different roasts. The included grinder is a handy addition, engineered with belt-driven conical burrs for greater grind consistency, and a Tap & Go mechanism for grinding directly into the filter basket.

The Sunbeam Torino will create transcendent coffee experiences - morning, afternoon, or evening. Triple-thermoblock technology An Australian first, this machine contains three thermoblocks for the ultimate brewing efficiency.

Coffee machines with thermoblocks only heat the water required, as opposed to heating a full boiler. Two of the machine’s thermoblocks are devoted to maintaining a stable brew temperature, while the third will simultaneously create powerful steam for milk texturing.

The Sunbeam Torino grinder included contains belt-driven conical burrs for less vibration as you grind. Heat is separated from your beans for a fresher cup of coffee each time. With Tap & Go functionality, you can grind directly into the filter basket without any hassle.

The machine features buttons to pull a single or double shot. However, you can deviate from the predetermined volumes using the manual extraction arm. This feature is great if you’re brewing grounds of a different size to your usual preference. Using the shot clock, you can keep track of how long it takes to pour shots with different roasts.

Forget the idea that water can only dilute. This coffee machine is programmed to release small spurts of water prior to the pouring of each shot. Although subtle, this process of pre-infusion primes your ground coffee for optimum espresso extraction, resulting in a richer cup of coffee that is crowned with a full, flavoursome crema. With these features, you can easily control the strength and taste of every cup. Enjoy consistent brew quality and a perfect espresso every time.


This product comes with a 12 month Warranty.

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