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Gaggia Descaler

Gaggia Descaler

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Gaggia machines have 2 different cleaning programmes: One for cleaning and one for descaling. During the descaling programme the system is cleaned of all internal lime scale.

Frequently used appliances that come in contact with water develop lime scale. Although lime scale is not detrimental to your health, it does shorten the durability of water heating machines. That is why it is necessary to regularly descale these machines.

Lime scale forms when water is heated or boiled. Lime scale particularly forms during the heating of ‘hard water’ which contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions. The small pieces of lime scale that form end up in your tea or coffee.

Gaggia coffee / espresso machines will display a message when it is time to descale the machine.

The lime scale is safely and reliably removed by this descaler.


Instructions for coffee machines without an automatic descaling program
1. Pour the Gaggia concentrated descaling solution into the coffee machine water tank, then fill the tank with fresh water.
2. Turn on the machine and dispense 2 cups of water through the steam wand (approximately 150 ml each).
3. Switch off the main power button of the appliance.
4. Let the descaling solution sit for 15-20 minutes.
5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until there is no descaling solution left in the water tank.
6. Rinse the water tank with clean water and fill it again.
7. Rinse the Gaggia coffee machine circuits by dispensing about 2 litres of water through the suitable steam/hot water wand. Dispense 2 litres of water from the dispensing spout (only where applicable). If it is not possible then produce 3 cups of coffee and pour this coffee.
8. Take out the Gaggia water brewing group (only for automatic machines) and was hit with clean water.

Instructions for coffee machines with an automatic descaling program
Follow the instruction given in the manual of the Gaggia coffee machine for automated descaling.

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